Laelia purpurata


var. vinicolor

var. sanguinea

var. carnea
(two examples)

L. purpurata 'St. Catherine' L. purpurata 'Ubatuba'      

var. flamea

var. flamea x var. striata

'St. Catherine'

var. ubatuba




L. purpurata var. delicata L. purpurata var. werkhauseri var. roxo-violetta      

var. delicata

var. werkhauseri

var. roxo-violetta




Var. russelliana var. schusteriana var. flamea      

var. russelliana

var. schusteriana

var. flamea




L purpurata var alba L purpurata 'Do Seara' 'Spencer Howard'  

var. alba

var. semi-alba 'Do Seara'

var. semi-alba 'Alpha'

'Spencer Howard'


'Tipo' x Self f. anelata      

'Tipo' x Self
'Tipo' here is a specific awarded cutivar,
not the "typical" forma.
Clearly it has an alba in its background,
others in the grex also came out white.

f. anelata