Laelia anceps

The various color forms are listed in various references as varieties (var.), formas (f.) or both. Outside of nature, there is also some overlap due to line breeding and crosses between varieties. This is particularly true of named cultivars.





'Blumen Insel' x 'Irwin's'

'Pink Snow'

'Helen' x
'Mendenhall' type


'Royal Flush' x guerrero L. anceps f. disciplinata

'Royal Flush' x var. guerrero

var. guerrero

var. lineata 'Disciplinata'
(two examples)

var. veitchiana var. alba L anceps 'Sanbar Ruby'  

var. veitchiana

var. alba

'Sanbar Ruby'



var. ileana

var. sanderiana

var. schroederiana
(two examples)




var. semi-alba 'White Marble' var. roeblingiana var roeblingiana x var. gigas L anceps Guatemalan form    

var. semi-alba
'White Marble'

var. roeblingiana
'Feathered Flame'

var. roeblingiana x var. gigas




var. delicata 'Deja Vu' x 'Valentine' L anceps ssp. Oaxaquena 'Walbrun' x 'Helen'    

var. delicata

'Deja Vu' x 'Valentine'

ssp. Oaxaquena

'Walbrunn' x 'Helen'